First blog post

My name is Abdul Kabia and welcome to my very first blog post! In this post, I’ll be talking a bit about myself and an open source project which caught my interest that I’d love to contribute to. Lets get started!

As mentioned above (I like to repeat myself), my name is Abdul Kabia! I’m a 3rd year student at Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology. I have been coding for about 8 years now in a number of languages. Languages such as C++, JavaScript, PHP, Java, Turing (yes, it’s a language, look it up!) etc. Programming really is a passion of mine, something that I’m genuinely interested in. It’s something I can always look to for a sense of happiness in my life. Just the feeling of creating something that solves a problem you once had, or a question you want to know the answer to is a feeling that I don’t think I can ever accurately be able to describe with mere words alone. That feeling is one thing that keeps me coding ever since I started.

However, all this time I’ve been coding, I’ve only been coding for myself. I’ve only been solving problems I’ve had, only answering questions I’ve asked, never actually helping others with their questions, or with their problems. After being introduced to the world of open source, I have a feeling that’s about to change. Open source is a great way for someone to contribute to a project and help others who are using said project, or even indirectly help those who the project is being used to help (if that made sense)! I think open source is a fabulous concept, and I am very excited to become a part of such a community.

The project I’ve decided to try and help contribute to is one that I actually use on a daily basis (it’s probably my most favorite editor), and that’s the IDE Visual Studio Code! Fun fact: I actually started using this IDE based off of a recommendation of a friend, and I just fell in love with it. VSC (Visual Studio Code) is a beautiful IDE with an absolutely gorgeous interface (I mean, just look at the picture below!).

VSC was developed by Microsoft, and has been around for about 3 years now, starting in 2015, so it’s a really young IDE, but it’s come quite a long way. It’s written in a number of languages such as TypeScript, JavaScript, CSS and others. TypeScript being it’s predominant language. Currently, there are 3775 issues on the project, but with 100+ people contributing to this project, I’m positive those issues will be straightened out soon enough!

Overall, I think VSC is an amazing IDE that just keeps getting better as the days go by. And it’s a project I genuinely look forward to putting my focus towards.

You can view the Github repo of VSC here: Click me!

Comment below on what your favorite IDE is!


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